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Good Morning UK

Une émission présentée par Alison Kelly :

Radio Val d'Or is the first radio station of the area to transmit a program in English. The program is called"Good Morning UK.", it is broadcast from September til June. Each month, the English speaking listeners living in or around Airvault, can discover an aspect of daily French life or a custom of the area. The program is presented by Alison Kelly and is transmitted on Saturday at 11am with redifusion the following Tuesday at 6.30 pm.

Radio Val d'Or est la première station de radio dans la région à transmettre une émission en langue Anglaise Le programme est intitulé "Good Morning Uk" et est diffusé une fois par mois le samedi main à 11heure avec rediffusion le mardi suivant à 18 h30. L'émission est présentée par Alison Kelly et transmise de septembre à juin. Chaque mois, les auditeurs de langue Anglaise résidant à Airvault et les alentours sont invités à découvrir un aspect de la vie quotidienne Française ou une coutume de la région.


Here are the 3 recipes as suggested by Alison (Voici 3 recettes de cuisine proposées par Alison) :

Pea & Mint Soup

Serves 4


-600g Frozen Peas /-50g Unsalted Butter/ -1 Small onion/ -2 cloves Garlic/ -1 Sprig of Mint/ -1l Milk/ -2tsp dried mixed herbs/ -Salt & Pepper/ -Lemon Juice


Peel & finely chop th onion. over a medium/low heat, melt the butter in a large saucepan and add the onion & dried mixed herbs. Cook the onion until tanslucent. Add the garlic and cook for a further minute.

Increase the heat to maximum and add the peas and just enaugh of the milk the cover the peas. Cover the pan with a lid and bring to the boil as quickly as possible. keep an eye on the pan, as when the milk boils there is a very high chance it will boil over. When boiling point is reached turn the heat down and allow the mixture to simmer for approximately 20 minutes or until the peas are soft.

Add the srpig of mint and turn the heat off, allow to cool for 10 minutes, remove the mint, this should allow subtule infusion of the mint to have taken place.

Pour the pea mixture into a blender and purée until as smooth as possible. To obtain a really smooth soup pass the purée mixture through a sieve (this is not absolutely neccessary, but...) into a large pan.

Add the remaining milk, warm gently.Add the salt & pepper to taste as well as the lemon juice again to taste.

Serve hot.

Coq au vin

Serves 4


2 cloves garlic, peeled & crushed/- 4 chicken thighs & 4 chicken legs/- 1 bottle red wine/- 200g smoked lardons or chopped streaky bacon/ - 200g small onions or shallots/- 500ml chicken stock/- 11tbsp vegetable oil/- 100mg mushrooms/- 25ml single cream/- salt & pepper/- 25g butter/- 1tbsp flour/- 1tbsp dried herbs


Dust the chicken pieces in a light coating of flour.

Pour the wine into a pan, bring to the boil & reduce by half

Heat the oil in a frying pan & fry the lardons until golden. Remove from the pan & place half in a casserole - keep the other half to one side.

Using the fat left in the frying pan, turn the heat to high and brown the chicken on all sides. Place in the casserole.

Peel & chop half of the onions. Using the frying pan & oil you used to brown the chicken, fry the onions until translucent but not coloured, then add the garlic and cook for a further minute. Add to the casserole.

Into the casserole which now has the lardons, chicken & onions, also add the reduced wine, stock & dried herbs. Place in the oven at 150° for 1 hour 30mins.

Remove from the oven, strain the liquid & retrun to the casserole. Remove the chicken & discard the remainder. Allow the chicken to cool before removing the skin & taking the flesh from the bones. Cut the flesh into bite size pieces & return to the casserole.

In a frying pan fry the remaining onions (peeled but left whole if small- otherwise cut in half) in a butter & add to the casserole.

Quickly fry the mushrooms ( whole if small or halved or quartered if big) until browned & add to the casserole. Add the cream & mix.

Season to taste- bear in mind the lardons (or bacon) will add salt.

Return to the loven for 40 mins. Serve.


Crab & Asparagus Flan (serves 4 or 6 as a starter)

Oven Temp 180°C


150g puff pastry/- 200g asparagus/- 3 eggs/- ½ ltr milk/- 400g crab sticks/- salt & pepper/- lemon juice


Grease a quiche tin (a 20cm tin produces a good sized flan). Roll out the pastry to 3mm thick and line the tin with it, place in the fridge for at least ½ hour.

Put a piece of grease-proof paper large enough to cover all the pastry into the tin and then fill with baking beans, (rice or coins will do just as well if you don’t have any baking beans) making sure that the beans press up against the sides as well as the base.

Place in the oven for 20 minutes and cook “blind” until the top of the pastry begins to colour. Remove the beans and paper and return to the oven and cook for a further 5 minutes or until the bottom and sides turn a light golden colour.

Remove from the oven and brush a little beaten egg over the pastry bottom & sides. Return to the oven and bake for a further 5 minutes. By doing this you will seal the pastry which will stop any leaks and more importantly keep the pastry crisp.

Place the crab sticks in a blender and use the pulse button to blitz them until small pieces remain (this should take only a few seconds). Put them in a large mixing bowl, season with salt, pepper and lemon juice to taste and set to one side.

To prepare the asparagus, hold the spears at both ends and bend until the spear breaks, discard the root end. If you are using the purple variety, lightly peel the spears. Place the spears in a large pan of lightly salted boiling water and simmer until the spears just yield to the tip of a knife. Drain the water and allow the spears to cool.

Once the pastry is cooked, beat the eggs and milk together and pour over the crab sticks, mix well. Pour the crab stick mixture into the cooked pastry case leaving ½ cm at the top. Arrange the asparagus spears on the top in whatever pattern appeals. Place the flan back in the oven for 15 minutes and cook until the egg has set.

Remove from the oven and allow to cool slightly before removing from the tin.

Serve warm.